WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Be extreme,
or be nothing.

We won't urge you to challenge yourself, because challenges are an integral part of our existence. We don't need to ignite your passion-it flows relentlessly from within you.

Brand Story

Our story begins with those whose hearts beat with an unyielding passion, and whose determination borders on obsession. We pay homage to those who face adversity head-on, and those whose inner flames never flicker.

At Mad Eyes, we firmly believe life unleashes fiery sparks of passion only when you push yourself to extremes, and your dedication verges on the brink of madness. For us, vapes are not just a pleasure-they're a release of fervor. They symbolize a crazy obsession with goals, a rejection of mediocrity, an unapologetic way of life. Mad Eyes personifies resolute determination bonded with near-maniacal zeal. We see that life truly finds meaning only in the realms of obsession and fervor. When you choose Mad Eyes, you're not merely selecting a product-you're embracing a passionate way of life and a zealous attitude. We call to fellow zealots to join us.


Mad Eyes epitomizes the extremes. We are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, refusing to be confined by traditional boundaries. Our mission is to ignite extraordinary moments that transcend the ordinary.


Our vapes go beyond mere enjoyment; they embody a release of intense passion and dedication. With Mad Eyes, you are declaring your commitment to living life to the fullest, without compromise.


Mad Eyes empowers kindred spirits to unleash their inner fervor. To embrace challenges with overflowing passion, confidence, and unbreakable spirits as they reach far beyond the extraordinary.